Words that remain unspoken.


 This lust

this longing for your skin

The touch that will make me spread open

Wider than the oceans

I crave your raw passion

The kind that destabilizes your breaths

Keeps you strong

Keeps the fire, the lust


My mind, my skin

My nerves

Call for the initial


Where strange fingertips and soft lips

Finally meet

Where our love making is political

Bringing down these systems of oppression that hold us hostage

That because we are womyn, womyn of color

our bodies are not meant to fit each other.

But that’s a lie

Because the many times that I’ve laid

Wet, vulnerable, and inviting

My orgasms were a product of our decolonizing.

As our breaths increase

So does our movement

And as I move deeper and deeper inside of you

I find where the truth is. 


I am hurting so much right now. 

and it shows who really is there for me. 

Nov 8

You’re Mine

You brought me home

And told me “you’re mine’.

You made me moan

and my heart brightly shine,

Every time you stare into my eyes,

I feel like a womyn,

I don’t hear or feel any lies,

I don’t feel or see any disguise,

I no longer find any grin,

And my smile can only rise,

And as you touch my skin,

I see heaven in the skies,

When you hold me while I sleep,

Never have I felt more complete,

The love we share is so deep,

It is my everything,

I plan to forever keep.

You will always have a home in my heart,

Immortal love lasts for eternal time,

Our love will never part,

So you will always and forever be mine.

Your wife, 


I am complete when I am with you. 

Tell me how you want it

when I bring you closer

our breaths sharpening

our eyes lusting

my finger locked in your hair

and our bodies uniting as one. 


You say you’re not beautiful

but how could you say that when you’re the most beautiful person I’ve seen in my life. 

The first time I saw you…

I swear the world stopped for a second just to let me stare at you a bit longer

you point at your nose, at your eyes, at your teeth…what you think are imperfections, honey are those key features that make me just love you a bit more. 

I love how those eyes of yours look into my heart, 

I love how those teeth of yours bite into my neck

and I love how that nose of yours brushes against mine every time we kiss. 

and every time we kiss, let me tell you…it feels like beethoven resurrected from the dead just to play a concert in my ear…

I don’t understand how you can say you’re not beautiful

when I’ve dreamed of the day that I would find someone as breath-taking as you

someone who I can see spending my life with


it’s only you

I know it’s true…

I just want you

and you, my dear

are more than beautiful. 

My heart

rested, yet tired, 

Wanting, yet having. 

Hating, yet loving. 

but loving you. 

I’m holding on to broken promises

hoping they would bring light into my heart

but they won’t. 

I swear Im not the devil. 

Hello darkness my old friend.

She used to love me

and I used to love her silence

but she doesn’t or maybe never did

and I am okay with that.

Here we go…

I guess I am currently fighting with my soon-to-be roommates. But everything is going overboard. For example…I was mad at them first since they pretty much left some of my things in SF and told me to figure out a way to get them. I was mad, cried, and just super frustrated with the way we handled things. But it turns out that they were not just mad about that, but the fact that I did not want to buy communal things with them because I was thinking ahead and told them that I wanted to buy my own things so that I can use them in the future for when I move out with my gf. I said that because I pretty much wanted to buy my own shit so I know whose is whose. But the fact that they brought my gf into the equation kinda took me as a surprise. 

I was told by a source that I seem to value my relationship more than our friendship…but I mean…wouldn’t you kinda have the love of your life closer to you than your friends? Especially since I have known my gf longer than them? 

Anyway…then they show concern over my time and experience in college. Thank you for caring, but I don’t need anyone to dictate what my college experience should look like. Yeah not your problem. 

So then I have beef with one of them because I decided to raise the price on the comic con ticket, but I still offered it, yet they felt insulted since I seemed to want money more…yeah no. You need to calm down because I needed to help my mother out. I gave her half of what I made. 

But the funny part is that they think they know me. They think they know who Karla is and that this is not the person who they thought I was…excuse me, you never really knew me. You don’t know about my life, my struggles, the reason why I hold my girlfriend so near to my heart. You don’t know my aspirations, what makes me laugh. 

You only see the surface…you have never taken the time to ask what my life is all about, all you know is the Karla you choose to see and for you to make an assumption out of that…you are wrong.

So I am reaching out, being the bigger person and trying to fix things but if they don’t, I am not going to worry. I will probs just do my own thing because that’s what I always have been doing. I gotta do me. 


That is what it all seems to be. 

lost between arguments and fights. 

But I am just trying to do me. 


that step you need to continue living

that thrust into a new world that slaps you across the face

HELLO screams the world and shoves you down

onto your knees you cry tears of glass

craving childhood, the innocence, the laughter

the lack of responsibility.

But you can’t. 

And you continue to grow old, 

fighting the fight, 

until the wrinkles on your face

and the salt in your eyes 

tell you otherwise.